100+ Most used Adobe Reader Shortcuts

General Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Key
Use hand toolsH
Use select toolsV
Use snapshot toolsG
Document propertiesCtrl + D
Save a copyCtrl + Shift + S
Print page menuCtrl + P
Open fileCtrl + O
Close current documentCtrl + W
ExitCtrl + Q
Find boxCtrl + F
Find nextF3
Find previousShift + F3
Select allCtrl + A
Deselect allCtrl + Shift + A

Navigation Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Scroll down
Scroll up
Jump one screen downPage Down
Jump one screen upPage Up
Jump to beginning of a documentCtrl + Home
Jump to end of a documentCtrl + End
Jump one page downCtrl + Page Down
Jump one page upCtrl + Page Up
Jump to next page visited pageAlt + ←
Jump to next pageAlt + →
Go to page number specifiedCtrl + Shift + N
Turn automatic scrolling on or offCtrl + Shift + H

Zoom Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Zoom inCtrl + [ + ]
Zoom outCtrl + –
Zoom to 100%Ctrl + 1
Zoom to fit pageCtrl + 0
Zoom to fit widthCtrl + 2
Zoom to fit visibleCtrl + 3
Easily readableCtrl + 4
Magnification specific partCtrl + Y

Change View Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Show or Hide menuF9
SShow or Hide ToolbarF8
Show or Hide naviagtion paneF4
Turn full screen mode on or offCtrl + L
Reading mode on or offCtrl + H
Rotate page counter clockwiseCtrl + Shift + –
Rotate page clockwiseCtrl + Shift + [ + ]

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