100+ CorelDRAW Shortcut Keys

CorelDRAW a vector-based software, CorelDRAW, is used for graphic designing tasks such as creating logos, branding, etc.

Complete List Of Shortcut Key for CorelDRAW

1. Align

BAlign bottom
PAlign center page
EAlign horizontal center
RAlign right
TAlign top
CAlign vertical center
Alt+F12Align to baseline

2. Document Display

F9Full-screen preview
Ctrl+WRefresh window
Shift+F9Toggle display
Ctrl+Shift+CShow nonprinting characters

3. Dockers

Ctrl+F5Graphic and text style
Alt+F2Linear dimensions
Alt+EnterObject proprties
Alt+F9Scale and mirror
Alt+F11Insert symbol and special characters
Alt+F12View manager
Alt+F6Symbols manager

4. Distribute Command

Shift+BDistribute bottom
Shift+EDistribute centers horizontally
Shift+CDistribute centers vertically
Shift+LDistribute left
Shift+RDistribute right
Shift+PDistribute spacing horizontally
Shift+ADistribute spacing vertically
Shift+TDistribute top

5. General


6. FIle

Ctrl+NNew document
Ctrl+Shift+SSave as

7. Font Formatting

Ctrl+Shift+FFont list
Ctrl+Shift+WFOnt weight
Ctrl+Shift+KSmaall caps
Ctrl+Numpad 2Decrease font size
Ctrl+Shift+PFont size
Ctrl+Shift+HHTML font size
Ctrl+Numpad 8Increase font size
Ctrl+Numpad 6Next font combo size
Ctrl+Numpad 4Previous font combo size
Shift+F3Change case
Ctrl+F8Convert text

8. Dialogs

F11Open fountain fill dialog
Shift+F11Uniform fill dialog
Ctrl+Shift+BColor balance

9. Objest Nudge Commands

Down arrowNudge Down
Left arrowNudge left
RIght arrowNudge right
Up arrowNudge up
Shift+Down arrowSuper Nudge down
Shift+Left arrowSuper nudge left
Shift+Up arrowSuper nudge up
Shift+Right arrowSuper nudge right
Shift+Down arrowMicro nudge down
Shift+Left arrowSuper nudge left
Shift+RIght arrowSuper nudge right
Shift+Up arrowSuper nudge up

10. Object Ordering

Ctrl+Page downBack one
Ctrl+Page upForward one
Shift+Page upTo back
Shift +page downTo front

11. Outline Pen

Shift+F12Open outline color dialog
F12Open outline pen dialog

12. Navigation

Page DownNext page
Page UpPrevious page

13. Text Formatting

Ctrl+MBullet text
Ctrl+ECenter justify
Ctrl+F8Convert text state
Ctrl+Shift+DApply drop cap
Ctrl+Shift+TEdit text
Ctrl+HForce justification
Ctrl+TFormat text
Ctrl+JFull justify
Ctrl+,Horizontal text
Ctrl+LLeft justification
Ctrl+NNo justification
Ctrl+RRight justification
Ctrl+PeriodVertical text

14. Zoom and Pan

HHand tool
Alt+Down arrowPan down
Alt+Left arrowPan left
Alt+Pan arrowPan up
Ctrl+F2View manager
F2Zoom one shot
F3Zoom out
F4Zoom to all object
Shift+F4Zoom to page
Shift+F2Zoom to selection

15. Toolbox Tool Selection

IArtistic media tools
XEraser tool
F7Ellipse tool
ShiftToggle eyedropper and paint bucket
F5Freehand tool
DGraph paper tool
GInteractive fill tool
MMesh tool
YPolygon tool
F6Rectangle tool
F10Shape tool
SSmart drawing tool
ASpiral tool
F8Text tool
SpacebarToggle pick state

16. Cursor Moves Using Text Tool

DeleteDelete character to right
Ctrl+DeleteDelete word to right
Page downCursor down one frame
Down arrowCursor down one line
Ctrl+Down arrowCursor left one paragraph
Left arrowCursor left one character
Ctrl+Left arrowCursor left one word
RIght arrowCursor right one character
Ctrl+Right arrowCursor right one word
Page upCursor up one frame
Up arrowCursor up one line
Ctrl+Up arrowCursor up one paragraph
Ctrl+HomeCursor to start of text
HomeCursor start of a line
Ctrl+Page upCursor to start of text
EndCursor to end of line
Ctrl+Page downCursor to end of text
Ctrl+ASelect all text
Shift+Left arrowSelect character to left
Shift+RIght arrowSelect character to right
Shift+Page DownSelect down one frame
Shift+Down arrowSelect down one line
Ctrl+Shift+Down arrowSelect down one paragraph
Shift+Page downSelect up one frame
Shift+Up arrowSelect up one line
Ctrl+Shift+Up arrowSelect up one paragraph
Ctrl+Shift+Left arrowSelect word to left
Ctrl+Shift+Right arrowSelect word to right
Ctrl+Shift+HomeSelect to start of frame
Shift+HomeSelect to start of line
Ctrl+Shift+Page upSelect to start of text
Ctrl+Shift+EndSelect to end of frame

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