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Before looking into the companies let us first learn what digital marketing means. Have you come across the word Digital marketing in recent years, been wondering what it means?You answer is here. The word digital marketing is nothing but digital form of marketing businesses.

 Digital form refers to any digital medium like social media, display advertising of any form or in any other digital medium. Current world has completely become digital and there is no wonder why marketing is made digital. Social media like whatsapp, Facebook, twitter and others have higher reach of audience that non digital means of marketing. 

Digital marketing has become one of the key factors of a business be it small scale or large scale. Whether it is a business offline or an online business or a website everything needs to be marketed to reach target audience. Not everyone can afford to make an advertisement and telecast in TV as they are most expensive. 

The next easiest method to reach a large scale of audience apart from television is digital marketing.

How digital marketing will change

There are a number of factors that have evolved as major factors in digital marketing. There are many things that become trending for one season. Let us see some factors that will be emerging.

1. Artificial intelligence in marketing

Artificial intelligence has become a major part of digital marketing this year. There are many places where AI is being used. For example you can see that you are getting advertisements in Facebook related to your search or depending upon your recent interest. All these are a part of AI in digital marketing.

2. Voice search

Voice search is being used more and more nowadays. And it has been improving and evolving as it develops. During initial days the accuracy of voice search was not accurate. But it has evolved to a new level where most of the searches made are through voice requests. There is difference in keywords when a text search is performed compared to a voice search. Apart from keyword analysis voice query analysis will be becoming mandatory in near future.

3. Online Maps

With GPS it is easier to track the shops and stores near the user location. By default most of the mobile phones have GPS location tracking turned on so when you perform a search for a hotel near you through a voice search then it would track the details exactly and fetch the nearest hotels at your location. Maps are evolving with street view and actual pictures and videos.

4. Live Videos

Posts that have video in it have more reached when compared to those posts without it. Videos that ar3e live attract more visitors in particular compared to offline videos or uploaded videos. Few minutes of video grabs more attention and can relay more information easily when compared to text or images. Brands that advertise using videos have reported increase in audiences compared to those without videos. The pictures on the trailer head looks attractive and has some secret content in it which will make users to watch the full video to see what lies behind.

5. YouTube videos

Even though videos play a special role, YouTube videos always have special place. People who have a channel have more reach to people when compared to those without. Facebook and other platforms have video options but YouTube videos have a target audience say if it is a cooking channel people with interest in cooking will get targeted. Thus narrowing down the audiences and making conversion easier and higher.

Keeping all these key features in mind the digital marketing trend will have a phenomenal change and growth.

What are the different types of digital marketing

Digital marketing refers to a group of marketing techniques by SEO Expert companies.There are many types let us first elaborate the important ones here.

  1.  Search engine optimization
  2.  Search engine marketing
  3.  Pay per click services
  4.  Social Media Marketing
  5.  Affiliate Marketing
  6.  Influencer marketing
  7.  Email Marketing
  8.  Viral Marketing
  9.  Mobile advertising

Let us check about the advertising methods in detail. There are a number of Digital Marketing companies in Chennai that offer best in class digital marketing service.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization service or SEO is common term that refers to the search engine results. When a person types some words in Google or other search engines to search the results are fetched based on the keyword that is searched. Search results are fetched based on the ranks of each website. As per the users engagement with the search results the algorithms for search differ. Thus each time different results are fetched for each user. These results differ based on the location of the user as well.

Search engine marketing is the term used to refer the promotion of websites by increasing the visibility in search results. SERP or search engine result page is the page where the results of search is displayed. The process of increasing the relevant web traffic by increasing the page range or website rank is search engine marketing service. This is one of the most effective way for small business to reach new customers and increase their website traffic.

Pay per click services

Pay per click or PPC in short refers to the model of advertising where the advertiser pays a sum of money whenever the advertisement is clicked. The website owner gets paid a specific sum when the advertisement is clicked. This way the website visitors get exposed to the advertiser’s website. This is one of the most effectively and commonly used method to increase the revenue/customers. This technique works based on the niche of the website dynamically. Hence, the advertisement will depend on the website niche and relevant advertisements gets displayed. Any clicks on these advertisements becomes a lead.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the technique of using social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, twitter to promote business and increase website traffic. This is one of the most effective ways of promoting a website and reaching target audience. By using social media as your marketing platform you can reach all your friends and followers who will be in similar stream thus reaching target audience. The increased use of social media has proven this s the most effective way of attaining and reaching customers.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is another technique for implementing the social media marketing in an effective manner. These brings in the marketing technique where endorsements and the promotion of products from the influencers and other people who possess necessary knowledge in the product being marketed. Influencer is one who has better followers and attractions. One benefit here is the crowd being focussed is a smaller audience mostly targeting the influencers. These influencers once after getting the products’ knowledge, they bring in more customers from the followers of the influencers. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing is another traditional tool for performing the marketing. It is the process of sending emails to a crowd of people to make them aware about a product so they bring in some attractions towards the product. This is also sometimes sent to potential or the current customers. Email campaigning is the most effective method of email marketing. Info graphics is the process of sending images with contents instead of just sending a text email. An image speaks or reaches multiple people at a time than a text email.

Affiliate Marketing

This is a type of performance based marketing in which the business rewards one or more affiliate for each visitor or customer that has been referred by the affiliates own marketing efforts. You can either offer an affiliate program or be an affiliate to another website that has high visitors or users.

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is another way to promote a products, goods or service through social media. One shares a product which is being shared continuously making the product viral. This can be achieved through campaigning or even direct marketing. This also requires large group of target audience where the product can be virally marketed. 

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a strategy where the marketing is executed through the mobile phones as the name. This involves sharing of the product information through smartphones, tablets. The information shared mostly will be in convenient and comfortable form for the targeted audience. 

Which digital marketing is the best

There are many digital marketing methods as mentioned above. Search Engine Optimization service is one among them, the best and most effective method is SEO. Though other methods target audience and promote a product or service, but page rank plays a vital role. The page rank of the website and keyword are most important to get the organic result. Search engine optimization by all means is the best and most effective method of marketing.

Top 10 Digital Marketing companies in Chennai

  1.  Adshi5
  2.  Paragon Digital Services
  3.  Social Beat
  4.  iStuido Technology
  5.  Rage communications
  6.  Echovme
  7.  Digi cop
  8.  Infinix
  9.  Syntricon
  10.  HourGlass IT


Adshi5 expertizes in data propelled digital marketing. Core services includes SEO, content marketing. PR outreach, paid search and Social media. Adshi5 is a reputed digital marketing agency that keeps up with market changes.

Paragon Digital Services

Paragon digital services offer their services in digital advertising and also they bring in their vast real time experiences. They have global clients and operate round the clock. They aim at Faster, better and cost effective.

 Social Beat

Social Beat provides their digital services in real estate, BFSI, healthcare, retail and e-commerce. This is one of the wide spread digital marketing companies with offices in major cities across India.

IStuido Technology

IStuido Technology is a customer oriented company established in 2008. Their expertise in Search engine optimization bringing in more than 11 years of experience.

Rage communications

Rage communications brings in their 20 years of expertise to provide digital marketing services along with other website related works like building, designing etc., they work on multiple technologies and across digital marketing platforms.


Echovme is one of the award winning creative digital marketing agencies. They offer expert solutions in social media marketing and search engine marketing. They also provide training in the same.

Digi cop

Digi cop is a company expert in creating, optimizing and promoting across digital platforms. They started with 1 centre and they expanded their business with multiple centres across Tamil Nadu.


Infinix brings in their vast experience of more than 9 years in the digital marketing business with their services like SEO, SEM, SMM, and Google analytics.


Syntricon provides best in class digital marketing services like PPC, Facebook marketing and email marketing. Their partnership with Zoho attracts customers with increased business outreach.

HourGlass IT

HourGlass IT experts in providing solutions for PPC services, SEO and, Social media marketing. Their partnership with ekavat, and UK based company is an added advantage that elevates their reliability among their customers.

How to choose best digital marketing company

There are many factors to be considered while choosing digital marketing companies in Chennai. The main factors are specialization in specific digital marketing that your company is targeting, reputation of the company and budget. These are the key factors while considering a digital marketing company to find the SEO expert.

Why Digital marketing is important for small business

Small business requires outreach as the customer base will be small. To reach customers it is important to keep your website optimized and have higher page rank. You need to focus more on digital marketing and Search engine optimization, so that you can build and grow in your business. Starting a small business means a lot of commitment and you would be on a budget constraint it is important to find the best among the digital marketing companies in chennais that works within your budget.

Which digital marketing is best for Businesses and Startups

Though there are multiple marketing methods not all of them are effective. The best method is Search engine optimization. Even though you can reach target audiences through other marketing methods and through social media it requires page rank to reach diversified audiences. Though there are multiple search engine optimization companies it is important to choose SEO experts to get the best of marketing strategy and increase page ranks. 

If you are a owning a small business or a start-up then you will be on a budget constrain and won’t be in a situation to reach bigger companies that charge higher. In such cases you will be pushed to find the best and under budget in such case, SEO Expert Chennai provides best services with optimal pricing. If you are creating a website for your company and looking for freelance SEO expert within budget then this is the best place to reach.

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