Top 10 Digital Marketing Company in Mumbai

In today’s world, social media is getting more and more important in life. It now doesn’t only represent you, but your company or business. That is why more business is searching and hiring an employee to help them with their digital marketing plan.

What is Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, especially the internet. However, it may be done by phones, display ads, and many other digital media.

This digital marketing is crucial for a business to expand its reach and brand. Through digital marketing, their names or products can be known by more people all across the world.

Through digital marketing, we can improve and benefit our business in a more contextual way. 

Digital marketing helps us to compete with giant companies. For example, if we have a tech blog, how on earth can we compete against MacRumors, TechRadar and many more. 

The only way we can compete against them is through contextual battle. Contextual battle means we deliver much more specific and targeted content. It may be from a video saying hey, (City name) are you looking for a great gadget that helps your production at (city name). From these contextual content people who see your content will feel that your posts are more connected, useful and relevant to them. Simply because we talk about their city or location.and digital marketing helps you to make this contextual and highly targeted content.

There are many types of digital marketing, and most of the times digital marketers are referred by SEO Expert because the help you to Increase Your Pageviews and make your brand rank better at search engines. Some digital marketing types are:

  1. Pay per click services
  2. Search engine optimization
  3. Search engine marketing
  4. Social Media Marketing
  5. Affiliate Marketing
  6. Influencer marketing
  7. Email Marketing
  8. Mobile advertising

Contextual and Highly targeted Content is the best approach to reach a large scale of audience these days, and Digital Marketing helps you to maximize it.

Talking about Digital Marketing, In this article, I want to specify what works best in Mumbai. Since Google is the most popular search engine in India, Expanding your business to Mumbai is an excellent idea if most of your traffic comes from google search. Even though it’s not from google, trying to reach a new audience from other countries is never a bad idea. 

If you are interested to expand your business or brand to Asia, especially Mumbai. Here, we will give you a brief Top 10 Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai, followed by 10 Reason Why you should hire a Digital Marketing Agency.

1. Growth Hackers

One of the best digital marketing in Mumbai is Growth Hackers. Located in Mumbai, they already have a lot of experience and considered has a great reputation.

No matter what your goals are, Growth Hackers can help your business reach its max potential. They will help you with online branding, increasing traffic to your site and most importantly they know to make highly targeted content that can lead to conversion.

Moreover, they also provide a wider range of service starting from, social media marketing, content making, online advertising, web development and many more

If you want to increase and able to compete against giant companies, generate leads and increase revenue, Growth Hackers is the best digital agency for you. 

2. Fruit Bowl Digital

Next, is Fruit Bowl Digital. This digital marketing agency has the best visual design on our list. Through their website, you can already know that they are the best at visual design.

They mainly focus on 3 service areas which are. Influencer marketing, highly targeted content design and consulting about social media advertising

They also mainly focus on topics like:

  •       Gaming
  •       Food & Beverage
  •       Wellness & Sustainability
  •       Fashion & beauty
  •       Technology
  •       Travel & Lifestyle

If you have a business or website that matches their main industry focus you can definitely give inFever Media a try. 

3. Digichefs

Digichefs was the best digital marketing in Mumbai in 2019. Especially its web design is like no other. It has worked with a range of clients including famous brands such as Nike, Unilever products, Asus Family Mart (one of the largest convenience store chains in Mumbai), etc. 

Webgene is always the best choice for those who want to develop a great website for their company. Simply because they are the best in that area. 

Webgene is now almost 16 years old and has been one of Mumbai’s top 5 digital marketing companies last year. However, the only downside is their website is mainly written in traditional Chinese, but you can always translate it to English if needed 

4. Brain Candy

Taroko was just a small business with just 3 man-startup a few years ago. However, less then a decade it becomes Mumbai’s leading software company. All of these would not happen without the great founder and CEO, Howard Chai.

If they can make their startup from just 3 men to Mumbai’s best software company, imagine what can they do for your business

They are not scared of taking new challenges, even if your business is in ruin, they’re committed to helping the customer improve their market reach through creating exemplary products.

5. Mind Storm

Mind Storm is a unique agency. They focus mainly on visual communication, graphic design and produce some like no other quality design.

From its website, we can conclude that they really specialize in visual communication. This is all due to its highly meaningful design that can attract viewers and also able to deliver meanings through visual designs.

They even helped some big companies like SK-II on their brand content. This the hands down the best visual communication company you want to hire.

6. Social Beat

With 13+ Years of experience, 2500+ customers and has won 38 awards. AsiaPac is also worth considering if you are looking for a digital marketing agency.

They even won the Google Premier Partner Awards 2019, Display Excellence Top 3 2019, and many more.

They help notable businesses for their digital marketing, such as Marks & Spencer, Sinomax, Hilton, Hush Puppies and many more. Their main objective is making clients moving forward and bringing up to date and personalized ads.

7. Brand Witty

Founded in Hongkong in 2008, They Focus on digital and social media marketing. Brand Witty has won many awards through its digital marketing agency with international exposure.  

Their vision is simple but meaningful. Delivering a well connected online and offline relationship between brands(companies), and customers. This is the best choice for you who wants to improve the connection between brands and customers. The downside is their Mumbai website is written in traditional Chinese and you need to use google chrome translate to translate it.

8. Beeing Social

Beeing SociaL is very simple. Even their website gives brief and simple information. For someone who doesn’t like a lot of useless info. Mangopublic is the right choice for you.

They can help your business grow in a fast but sustainable way through its simple but powerful optimization strategy. However, there is not much information about their working partnership with big companies.

9. idigitalise

idigitalise India is a digital marketing agency that has a unique vision. They believe that making digital marketing more human can brings improvement.

They are specialized in analyzing data and give you the best solution in every situation. Nowadays, data research is no underrated, but actually, data is the most valuable thing that we can get. Because from data we can make the right decision that can lead to success

10. Olio Solutions

Olio Solution, as the name itself, is a web design company. They specialize in static, dynamic and e-commerce websites. 

One thing that makes it different from other web design companies is they make your website so light yet powerful. Moreover, not like any web design company, they also help you with your SEO, not just make you a website and leave al the burden to you.

Why Should I Hire a Digital Marketing Marketing Agency

First of all, let me tell you that Digital Marketing is crucial whether it is for small businesses of big businesses. To reach customers is as important as to keep your website optimized and have a higher page rank. You need to focus more on digital marketing and Search engine optimization so that you can build and grow in your business. 

Starting a business means a lot of commitment and you would be on a budget constraint, so it is important to find the best among the digital marketing companies that can suit and manage your budget efficiently. You don’t want to waste money that doesn’t result in income revenue. 

So why bother trying things, make mistakes and learn from it when you can do everything right, guided by the right person or agencies.

Here are 10 Main Reasons Why You Should Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

1. Experts in Marketing Know Their Fields

Having the technical expertise as well as the resources to execute the strategies and initiatives are other pieces that lead to achieving the results you are looking for. 

They know exactly what solution to every situation your business has simply because they had experienced the exact same thing. So leaving you digital marketing in the agency’s hands is a wise thing to do.

2. Cut down on marketing costs

The budget is crucial for companies. Especially the ones who just started and hasn’t got a crazy amount of budget to spend on research and development.

Since the budget is so important, everyone agrees that it should be spent wisely right? But how?

When you don’t hire a digital marketing agency for your business. Your business is like a ship without a map. Going to where ever the wind blows. It will lose direction and eventually fail. Simply because new business tends to try to do things all on their own, not knowing that it burns a lot of budgets and can be prevented by hiring a digital marketing agency

3. It allows you to focus on running your business.

When you run a business and want to make a marketing team. You need to spend time interviewing people and decide whether to hire them or not. 

However, with an agency all of these is unnecessary. You just need to tell the digital marketing agency about your goal, they help you to achieve your goal and they got paid. Simple win-win solution

All the elements of your online marketing are handled internally by the agency’s team. This frees you up to run your business better.

4. They offer measurable results

They have done research about their field, been through several disasters so that they could provide you with the best suggestion and ideas. With so many marketing methods in the digital marketing landscape, it can be difficult to know the real ROI. However, an agency can deliver measurable results, since usually they plan their target for each month and we can track that progress.

5. They have all the tools

Digital Marketing requires a lot of tools. From making the ads, visual design, web design any many more. 

Hiring someone to make ads, visual design and many more require more time and money. They might do a bad job too. Moreover, you don’t have a connection with people who can help you with these things. How can you possibly find a good employee then?

Why don’t just leave all the burden to the pro and let them do the job for you?

6. Everything In One Place

If you hire a digital marketing agency, it implies that you’ve thumped a bunch of employment out with a single contract. So these agencies are a single place for anything digital that your organization may need.

They have a group of specialists that can do great work on their fields, and spares you time and also cash that you would waste over the unnecessary trial and error.

7. Connection

A countless, experience that they have earned resulted in hundreds or even thousands of connections with other businesses. By using Digital Marketing Agency, they help your business to connect with people they’ve known and it makes your business have a greater reach.

8. They Deliver Better Conversion

Most of the time when we run our own business digital marketing it doesn’t convert well. Simply because we are not trained to manage and make the digital marketing part. Why don’t just leave it to the pros

9. They Know Their Audience 

Using digital marketing agencies that have deep knowledge of their audience can bring much more revenue. 

They know how to make specifically targeted ads that attract Their Audience that can lead to conversion

10. You Need to Designate Time to the Job

Finally, one of the primary reasons you need to hire a digital marketer is because marketing takes time. If you keep on bugging your business marketing, you won’t have time to manage your own part.  

You will be distracted and makes everything not at its 100%. So that is why Designate your time for your part and let digital marketing agency help you with their part

Digital Marketing helps you make use of proven strategies and techniques that attract not just traffic but highly targeted traffic that delivers results. Targeting the right kind of people and deliver the right kind of results is what Digital Marketing is all about. Making your business sustainable and have a greater reach.

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