Top 30 Digital Marketing Companies in Delhi

Digital marketing has surpassed all other traditional forms of marketing in the recent past and nobody can deny the importance of this industry. Any business, small or big, entrepreneurs and individuals benefit from the services and expertise provided by this industry. Some common benefits are brand awareness, lead generation, ways to drive authentic traffic to your website, increase in sales, etc. Digital marketing companies in India have become a very integrated part of the marketing industry as they are more affordable and provide optimum results.

If you are a brand and are struggling to hire the best of the best amongst the digital marketing companies in India, here is a list of the top 30 companies based in the capital of the country that will benefit you.

1. Webchutney

Webchutney is a digital marketing company that is part of Dentsu Media and includes holdings India Pvt. Ltd. (parent organization). The company was founded in 1999 and has over 500 employees. It has proven itself as the creative powerhouse of this digital marketing industry. It is safe to say that it is becoming India’s no. 1 and most favorite creative agency over 2018 and 2019. Their services include website design, social media marketing, online advertising, and much more. Some of their clients include big companies like Flipkart, Bacardi, and RedBull.

2. WATconsult

WATconsult is a top-notch digital marketing company under the parent organization, Dentsu Media and Holding India Pvt. Ltd. It was founded in 2007 and is ranked among the top 3 digital marketing companies. With over 500 employees, they provide an impactful blend of creativity and technology. It is the only Indian agency ranked among the top 10 MMA global smarties business impact index 2018. It provides services like social media audit, digital analytics, digital video production, etc. Some of its clients are The Body Shop, Honda, Himalaya, and Cadbury.

3. iProspect India

iprospect is another digital marketing company branched out from Dentsu Media and Holdings India Pvt. Ltd. They are focused on bringing in performance-driven brand building. Founded in 1997, iProspect has over 200 employees who are committed to giving your brand a more creative approach. They provide services like strategy and planning, search engine optimization, data analytics, etc. Some of their clients include Yes Bank, Thomas Cook, and Kotak Mahindra.

4. Markigence

Markigence is a digital marketing agency in Delhi that provides marketing consultancy for you. Founded in 2009, this company has developed over 50 websites and conducted several online social media campaigns. They believe include that marketing is a smart blend of psychology and science which helps them provide non-complex solutions to all your problems! They provide services like UI/UX design, content marketing, social media marketing, etc. Some of their clients include Maruti Suzuki, Dabur, PVR cinema, and Conon.

5. Techmagnate

Techmagnate has recently become one of the top SEO companies that provide admirable SEO services at affordable prices. With over 15 years in the digital marketing industry, they hope to deliver growth to over 100 customers by 2021. They promise to provide you with solutions based on thorough research and data. Although they provide digital marketing services like web design, social media marketing, and app development, they specialize in SEO. Some of their clients include Airtel, Honda, and Sarovar.

6. PageTraffic

PageTraffic is a digital marketing company founded in 2002 with its headquarters in Delhi and other offices in Mumbai and Chicago. They have expertise in all branches of digital marketing and provide exclusive solutions. They have over 95 trained SEO consultants that have designed over 400 campaigns monthly. They have established their presence in other countries apart from India like the USA, UK, Canada, and Asia with a broad array of clients like HCL, Tata, and OLX.

7.     Nettechnocrats

Nettechnocrats was established in 2010 and provides top-notch IT, digital marketing, and applications design services. Their team of 99 people works endlessly to provide essential technical and marketing solutions at affordable prices. They have been featured in premium magazines and journals for their work.

8.     Marketing Masala

Marketing Masala is a digital marketing company and a growth hacking agency working with clients over 4 continents. Their area of expertise lies in lead generation and conversion rate optimization. They provide services to all kinds of companies from start-ups to big businesses. Their skilled experts define their goals and come up with creative strategies to achieve them. Some of their clients include Growth Hacking Asia, IMImobile, and SoloTravellerApp.

9.     DigitalOye

DigitalOye was founded in 2002 and now has over 1000 clients. They specialize in SEO and help come to their clients in improving rankings. Their company includes services like digital competitive analysis, content creation, on-page, and off-page SEO, backlinking, etc. Some of their clients include Toshi Automation, iGenetics, and AI Yamuna Denson’s FZE.

10.  Brandhype

Since its establishment in 2014, Brandhype has gained a lot of appreciation for its work in the digital marketing industry. The company provides exceptional services with the help of its team of well-trained professionals. They believe in providing services with utmost passion and unmatched quality. Some of their services include search engine optimization, PPC, social media marketing, and content marketing. Some of their clients include OYO, Streetstyle stalk, and COSCO.

11.  New Vision Digital

New Vision Digital was founded in 2011. They successfully cover all branches of digital marketing. They customize strategies according to the client’s needs and requirements. Their vision is to harness the capabilities of SEO, Google Ads & Facebook Marketing o creatively design stunning websites. Their expertise lies in development and WordPress. Some of their clients include Myntra, Mercedes Benz, and Bikanervala.

12.  Mirum

Mirum was founded in 2009 and was formerly knows as “Social Wavelength”. With a team of 500 employees, they provide expertise in topics like digital communication, corporate blogging, digital media planning, and buying, etc. Their online marketing agency has established its presence in almost 24 countries across the globe. Some of its clients are TATA Docomo, Nokia, and Nissan.

13.  SapientRazorfish

SapientRazorfish was founded in 2016 and is a part of Publicis Groupe. They are proud of their customer-centric work policy. They have over 70 offices all across the globe with over 12000 employees. Their services include search marketing, strategy planning, social media marketing, and many more. Some of their clients include McDonald’s, Samsung, and Walmart.  

14.  Reprise Media India

Founded in 2003, Reprise Media is one of India’s largest and best digital marketing companies. They have over 3000 experts in about 68 offices in 48 markets. They are giving great competition to other digital marketing companies across the globe. They provide services like search engine marketing, social media marketing, strategy, and consultation, etc. Some of their clients include United States Postal Service, Sharp, and American Airlines.

15.  Interactive Avenues

Interactive Avenue is a child group of IPG. It caters to the digital marketing requirements of the clients in India and has proven to come up with creative and innovative strategies and campaigns. They provide services like media planning and buying, campaign management, and search engine marketing.

16.  To The New Digital

To The New Digital has been able to grab its place as one of India’s top digital marketing companies. They have designed more than 200 campaigns for several big brands. They show expertise in their content marketing services. Their services include digital video management, web content management, and MEAN development. Some of their top clients are Viacom, Zee Tv, and ESPN.

17.  Foxy Moron

Foxy Moron was founded in 2008 with a group of 4 friends who wanted to do their internship for a summer, but it ended up becoming much more than anything they had dreamt of. In a very short time, they have gained a lot of appreciation for their work. They provide expertise in online marketing. Some of their services include media buying and planning, online reputation management, public relations, etc. their clients include Aditya Birla Capital, GoAir, and Burger King.

18.  Creation Infoways Pvt. Ltd.

Creation infoways was founded in the early 2000s. They provide services to small and big businesses alike. In a given amount of time, they had earned name and fame by providing exceptional services. Their team of experts evaluates the customer’s problem and comes up with a cost-effective solution. Some of their services include digital marketing, marketplace listing, and app development. Their clients include FITJEE, myntra, and Fresh Fish Basket.

19.  AdGlobal 360

AdGlobal is a digital marketing and advertising company that has expertise in running PPC Campaigns, online reputation management, SEO, SMO, high-performing landing pages, email marketing, Google business listing, etc. They have their clients derive maximum benefit with a minimum budget. Some of their clients include Coca-Cola, Amity University, and Nestle.

20. Dynamiser Solutions

Dynamiser Solutions Pvt. had started as entrepreneurs in the development field in 2014. They are a team of 20 high-skilled IT consulting specialists. They specialize in web design and development, app development, digital marketing, and graphic designing with almost 4 years of expertise. Their clients include Invogue and Flirtatious.

21.  InterMarkHub

InterMarkhub is a highly capable digital marketing company in India. It has a team of experts in this field who keep themselves up-to-date with the latest trends. They deliver state of the art solutions for online marketing businesses across the globe. Some of their services include EO, SMO, PPC, and a lot more. Their clients are Dreamway Hotel and Restratunt, Rajiv Mittal and company, and Autohom.

22.  Dignitas Digital

Dignitas Digital (DD) was founded in 2011 by Ivy League graduates, who possessed global experience in software development and digital marketing. Only a few years after their inception, they managed to gain a large base of clientele who have shown immense trust and satisfaction with the company. Their services include custom web solutions, iPhone apps, and eCommerce solutions. Their clients are SmartPlate, Evolve, and The Home Dream.

23.  Techshu

A pure digital marketing agency that handles all the aspects of the broad spectrum and was founded in the early 2000s. They have established their specialisation in SEO and have helped a few companies gain SERP ranking among the top 3 since 2004! Their services include search engine optimization, app store optimization, content marketing, etc. Their clients are Dr. Reddy, Sun Pharma, and Cipla.

24.  Webzesty

Webzesty can be considered as a one-stop shop for your web design & development as well as digital marketing requirements. They have a wide spectrum of over 150+ clients across the globe. Their team includes innovative designers, creative content writers, and experienced project managers who ensure quality deliverables and provide you with cost-effective solutions. Their clients include Laverne Capital, Affinity Express and Select My Loan.

25.  Nine Digital

Nine Digital was founded in 2013 by a digital marketing expert. The company is reputed as a digital marketing service provider. Their four basic key metrics are based on listening, tracking, analyzing, and optimizing. Their team specializes in insights and analytics, strategy and planning, search marketing, social media, content development, etc. Some of their clients are HP, JPL, and Truffle Collection.

26.  Windchimes

Founded in 2008, Windchime has made an impeccable place in the hearts of its clients with its expertise in areas like digital experiential agency, social media agency, digital strategy, and online video development. Some of their clients are Nestle, Digital India, and McDonald’s.

27.  Webisdom

Webisdom was founded in 2009 as a digital marketing company. With over 200 trained employees they offer services like web and mobile app design development, mobile and email marketing, content marketing, and creative designing. Some of their clients are Toyota, Honda, and Nissan.

28.  Webenza

They are a team of digital marketers whose motto is to sell a benefit to consumers by telling them a story. They add value to the brands that they work with. They connect with their brands in the most innovative ways! Some of the services they provide are social media management and analytics, search engine optimization, mobile app promotion, and content creation. Their clients include Prestige group, Bajaj Alliance and Manipal Hospitals.

29.  Cheil India

Cheil is a top digital marketing and advertising company in the country. It was founded in 1973 and now has over 700+ employees. It brings a holistic approach and world-class solutions to all its clients. The services include media solutions, creative and strategic solutions, etc. Some of their clients are Park Avenue, Titan, and Samsung.

30.  Obbserv

Obbserv is a digital marketing company that has an innovative partnership with all its clients. It is a renowned digital marketing company that aims at helping clients with its services. Their team of experts helps the brand in achieving the desired result. Some services that they provide are mobile application development, email marketing, application search optimization, etc. Their clients include LimeRoad, IIM Ahemdabad, and Urban Dazzle. 

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