How to Know Which Online Casinos are Legitimate

We at, more than anyone, want to make sure that you are not only getting the best bang for your buck when it comes to online casinos, but are also making sure that you are staying safe and putting your buck where you will legitimately get you bang back!

For this you need to know what to look out for when identifying whether a n online casino site is legitimate and will bring you riches or is a phony out to get you and steal all those hard earned spins from your wallet.

What are the Signs of a Legitimate Casino Betting Site?

The luxurious idea of spinning a simple slot by pulling down that fateful leaver and earning cash the easy way is often to desirable for us and we forget the importance of making sure we are safe online, we all do it!

This is often not as easy as we think because some of those pesky online slot game frauds can be really good at trying to sneak their dirty fingers into your fruitful looking bank account.

We created a list of clear indicators that your online casino site is legitimate so that you can keep up those lucky spins, risk free:

·         Watch out for licences, and fakies. All legitimate slot sites should have their licencing clear or in their terms, simply find the name of their licence and search it online to prove you can trust them

·         Endless spam often means that the site you are on is not secure. We have all had online spam coming out our ears with those dodgy casino sites providing pop ups of even dodgier looking sites everywhere! If there are pop ups then most likely the site is not secure – or it will not be very fun to play on anyway

·         Look at reviews. The age of the internet is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? With it you can very easily search for multiple player reviews about whether your favourite online slot game is legitimate online.

Additionally, listen to what the experts have to say, online you will also be able to find professional slot games rating critics who know more than anyone what is good and what is to bin

What do you Next Once Finding a Legitimate Casino you Like?

The signs listed above will help you decipher what to trust and what not to, but sometimes sites mare follow different methods of trying to trick you. A high roller like you will know intuitively when you are on a dodgy casino slot website.

Just remember the steps, however, and you should be on your way to hitting the jackpot and riding the bank all the way home:

1.       Licence

2.       Spam

3.       Reviews

Keep in your mind the safety of your card when igaming and make sure that if you sense that something is not okay, leave the site and maybe try somewhere new, we can’t have you losing out of the fun.

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