1000+ Mac keyboard shortcuts Apple users need to know

Mac command keys

Command-CCopy the selected item
Command-XCut the selected item
Command-VPaste shortcut for Mac
Command-ZUndo. Shift-Command-Z is the redo shortcut for what you just undid.
Command-ASelect all items
Command-FFind text or symbol in an open document or window
Command-HHide the front/active window
Command-MMinimize the front/active window
Command-OOpen the selected item or open Finder to select a file to open
Command-TOpen a new tab
Command-WClose the front/active window
Command-QQuit the front/active window

Mac function keys

F1Lower brightness
F2Increase brightness
F3Open Mission Control
F4Open Launchpad
F5Lower keyboard brightness
F6Increase keyboard brightness
F7Skip back (audio)
F9Skip forward (audio)
F11Increase volume
F12Decrease volume

Combination Mac keyboard shortcuts

Option-Command-EscForce quit an app
Space bar or Fn-Down ArrowPage down on Mac
Command-Option-MMinimize all windows
Command-Space barSpotlight search on Mac
Fn-Left and Right arrow keysHome button on Mac
Command-Control-Space barOpens character viewer allowing you to choose emojis and other symbols
Control-Command-FUse app in full screen
Shift-Command-NCreate a new folder in Finder
Control–Shift–Power buttonPuts computer display to sleep
Control-Command-QLock Mac screen
Command-Shift-4Take custom screenshot
Command-Control-DDefines highlighted word
Command-Shift-DeleteEmpties trash
Fn-EnterInsert key on Mac
Option keyAlt key on Mac

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