All the Best Microsoft PowerPoint Keyboard Shortcuts


ActionShortcut Keys
Save PresentationCtrl + S
Open existing presentationCtrl + O
New presentationCtrl + N
New SlideCtrl + M
Select allCtrl + A
Copy Text and ImageCtrl + C
Paste Text and ImageCtrl + V
Cut text and ImageCtrl + X
Rename the fileF2
Print PresentationCtrl + P
Slideshow of presentationF5
ExitAlt + F4
Undo changes in presentationCtrl + Z
Redo operationCtrl + Y
ZoomAlt + W and Q
Group itemsCtrl + G
UnGroup itemsCtrl + Shift + G
Copy formatting of selecting a shapeCtrl + Shift + C
Paste formatting only to another shapeAlt + Shift + V

Navigation Operations

ActionShortcut Keys
Move operationsArrow keys
End of lineEnd
Starting of lineHome
A phrase or paragraph upCtrl + ↑
A phrase or paragraph downCtrl + ↓
End of text blockCtrl + End
Beginning of text blockCtrl + Home
To the next objectShift + Tab
To the previous objectTab
Next slidePage Down
Previous slidePage Up
Focus to a different paneF6
Collapse and expand the ribbonCtrl + F1
Move anticlockwise among paneShift + F6
Switch thumbnail view paneCtrl + Shift + Tab

Edit Text Operations

ActionShortcut Keys
Right Align selected TextCtrl + R
Left Align selected TextCtrl + L
New presentationCtrl + N
Bold textCtrl + B
Underline textCtrl + U
Italic textCtrl + I
Remove one character from one sideDelete
Align center selected phraseCtrl + E
Justify selected phraseCtrl + J
Insert HyperlinkCtrl + K
Find particular textCtrl + F
Replace particular textCtrl + H
Normal and Plain TextCtrl + Shift + Z
Toggle casesShift + F3
Spelling checkerF7
Change font styleCtrl + Shift + F
Increase font styleCtrl + Shift + >
Decrease font styleCtrl + Shift + <
SuperscriptAlt + Ctrl + Shift + >
SubscriptAlt + Ctrl + Shift + <
Create a copy of selected textCtrl + Drag
Delete word from leftCtrl + Backspace
Delete word from RightCtrl + Delete
Duplicate SlideCtrl + D
Change font sizeAlt + H and F and S
Open font dialog boxCtrl + T
Change casesShift + F3
Insert CommentCtrl + N
Replay to CommentCtrl + R

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Presentation Windows

ActionShortcut Keys
Next windowCtrl + F6
Previous windowCtrl + Shift + F6
Maximize windowAlt + F10
Unmaximize windowAlt + F5
Restore window to the previous sizeCtrl + F5
Display context menuShift + F10
Go to Slide numberSlide Number + Enter

Tab Selection

ActionShortcut Keys
Home TabAlt + H
File TabAlt + F
Insert TabAlt + N
Transition TabAlt + T
Animation TabAlt + A
Slideshow TabAlt + S
Review TabAlt + R
Design TabAlt + G
To search itemAlt + Q
View TabAlt + W

Outlining views

ActionShortcut Keys
Highlight and Promote paragraphAlt + Shift + ←
Highlight and Demote paragraphAlt + Shift + →
Move up paragraphAlt + Shift + ↑
Move down paragraphAlt + Shift + ↓
Show all textsAlt + Shift + A
Collapse text under the headingAlt + Shift + –
Expand textAlt + Shift + +
Collapse titlesAlt + Shift + 1
Move from title to textCtrl + Enter
Select WordDouble Click
Select ParagraphTriple Click

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