Top 10 Buy, Sell, Rent Property Sites in Pakistan

Buy, Sell, Rent! You would have heard these terms plenty of times if you are a real estate businessman; Or even if you are not! Because property selling and buying are processes that are not restricted to one business only. Low-cost societies are also there to cater to the budget of low-income families. After all, every human needs a place they call ‘home’. The question is where can one find the appropriate property that fits the definition of the ‘perfect’ home. Well, this is the very reason I am here to pen down the top ten online real estate portals in Pakistan. 

The idea of real estate portals is to provide a platform for buyers, sellers, and tenants to keenly view the market trends of the industry. It is basically a facility that can be utilized by people looking for any kind of homes, plots, lands available in the city or village they like. 

The need of Property Sites

Home, Plots, Residential plots, Commercial Plots, Agricultural Land, Industrial Land- Imagine you don’t have to go and visit tens of options just because you browse through the options from the comfort of your home and Voila you’re there! No matter if you are a resident of Islamabad, and long for a commercial shop in a plaza in the centre of Karachi City or need to find plots for sale in Lahore, you don’t have to load our car with fuel or buy air-tickets just to visit these properties. And then who knows if you will like it or not or the deal will be according to your taste or not- All such problems have been solved by the advent of property sites hovering nowadays. The significant question in this regard is that which property site is the best one to consider? What is the probability that you may encounter gimmicks? Do the property sites draw a commission or share for providing these services? Well, there is this one web portal I know in Pakistan that does not take any commission but is pure in its agenda of facilitating the key players (buyers, sellers, tenants) of the real estate industry. it is! But, let me tell you about the top 10 property sites levitating around Pakistan in pursuit of covering the properties available for sale and rent. Their objective is to provide facility to the common man who longs for a home or wants to invest the hard-earned money. 

Top 10 Real Estate Websites in Pakistan

Luxury homes or apartments, land for farm landing or installing assembling units- Anything you want to buy, anything you want to sell; The heavy, scrumptious deals are a few clicks away as the top real estate websites in Pakistan are making both ends meet in providing real estate services to the nation’s landlords and small-grade investors, and anyone who feel like investing in property.

JagahOnline, Ghar47,, UPN,,,,, are the famous online real estate websites that I have skimmed out as top-notch trending property sites in Pakistan. Let’s dive deep:

1: is a name that delivers quality and perfection when it comes to making easy and swift, real estate practices. This web portal is designed on an agenda of providing an efficient platform to buyers, sellers, tenants to cater to their investing appetite. The Newsroom tab will keep you informed about the current real estate trends in the city you like. The blog section is to amplify your knowledge about the real estate sector and the factors affecting it. Their 360 degree marketing strategy additionally houses a mobile App to keep android and iOS users in loop. The best things is that free of cost, your properties will be marketed by


I rank at Number 2. The growth trajectory of this property portal is remarkable. It was established in 2017 and has earned the  name so far.  The user-friendly interface attracts real estate investors to find the appropriate property. The name is among renowned property sites in the industry. The website claims to attract 0.5 million monthly traffic. The visual viewing experience of users keeps them coming to sell and buy. 

3: is the online property website with a quite informative one. Homepage is designed in such a way so as to cater to the buying and selling practices throughout the country. The website also assists you in finding the apt rental property. It also has a blog section to help you keep up with the ongoing real estate trends. Plot-finder is a new feature the website has recently launched. You can easily register your properties on the website and there is a lucrative feature that allows you to promote your business through the website. This portal has won the best international property in the world CMBC 2008 Awards.


I rate as the number 4 property website operational in Pakistan. It covers real estate business from across the borders. For property listings, you can hop onto the website to surf through the best buying and selling opportunities like plots for sale in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and more. The layout of the website is simple and user-friendly. The interface is professionally designed to facilitate real estate players. It is operational currently in 33 countries.

5: is an online marketplace in Pakistan that is gaining popularity day-by-day. The property website provides handy digital tools and information to website visitors. The transparent procedures help in engaging the key players of the industry in buying, selling and renting practices. The website claims to be a purposeful portal where they help in buying, selling, renting or renting out your property. makes you sit back and relax in the comfort of your home while they take up the job of marketing your projects and listings.

6: Ghar47

I rank Ghar47 at number 6. It is one of the high-ranking property websites in Pakistan with a pretty interface to allure users into buying and selling property activities. It works both on national and international levels and is considered an ideal platform for most real estate investors. The homepage map of the website makes it easy and fun for end-users to find the properties of their demand: Filters take you to the apt property type, city, area and price-tag. 


I rank on number seven owing to the level of services in the real estate sector they provide. The website is easy and smooth even if accessed by a common not-so-educated man. You can glide through governmental property projects and private ones on this portal. Property Search function allows you to aptly land at your desired property. There is an option to register to the newsletter and for SMS Alerts to keep yourself informed. The news section keeps you updated with the latest happenings in the real estate arena. Buying, Selling, Renting properties is made easy through a friendly interface. Forum discussions can make your concepts clear if you have any.


Aarz,pk comes at number 8 on my list but the services they provide are exceptional. They give you a fine experience to advertise your properties and sell or purchase the suitable ones through a free marketing strategy. Their website is backed by IntelliSoft Solutions. You can simply find your wished property and make a direct call to the dealer. They just make you aware of the diverse options in the market matching your desired investment.

9: Universal Property Network

Quick searches and latest property listings is what a good real estate website offers you. The characteristics are altogether present in UPN property website.  It has a friendly glimpse of graphics and images with sleek content . The idea is to assist buying and selling processes. You can register on the website and glide free of cost through the listings brought together by the website, just for you.

10: JagahOnline

As the name suggests, Jagah Online is meant to market your property needs online, efficiently and smoothly. In the metropolitan cities of Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and smaller cities like Gujranwala, Sialkot, D.G Khan and beyond, the property site covers a vast spectrum to bring you the best and hottest listings, while helping you with a user-friendly interface to comfortably stamp the best deals. 

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