100+ Tally ERP 9 Shortcut Keys

Tally ERP 9 is one of the best accounting softwares with plenty of features. Tally is popular because of its user-friendliness.

Previously, Tally ERP 9 was used in small and mid size firms. Later Tally Company improved and added many useful and advance features to the software. And as a result of that effort now their softwares are also used in big firms. From manufacturing to service sector Tally is almost everywhere. This software is used for accounting, billing system etc.

If you are working in the field of accounting or finance, you must also have a knowledge of Tally. In this post we are about to know some useful Tally ERP 9 shortcut keys.

Tally ERP 9 shortcut keys help to speed up our accounting work.

Tally ERP 9 Short-cut Function keys combination

Tally software functions with plenty of shortcut keys. The following are the list of shortcut keys available at every voucher entry screen reports, masters screens, configurations screens.

 F1 select a company.
select the account button or inventory button.
F2 change the date period.
 change the menu period
F3 chose the company name 
 Page updisplay previous voucher  during voucher entry
Page down display next voucher during voucher  entry
Enter To accept a voucher or master.
accept anything you type into a field.
Esc came out of a screen.
remove what you typed into a field. 
Ctrl + N open a calculator  
Alt + pprint
 Alt + Eexport 
Shift + Entercollapse next level details
explode a line into its details
Ctrl + Enterafter a master while making an entry or viewing report
ALCcreate ledger
ALAalter ledger

Shortcut keys for inventory and accounting voucher in tally ERP 9

Alt + Aadd a voucher just after the cursor placed in a list of a voucher.
Alt + Ccreate a master at a voucher entry screen
Alt + CAll voucher entry screens in the amount field
Alt + Ddelete a voucher
Alt + Eexport the report in ASELL, SED, HTML, or XML formate
Alt + Hopen help shortcut
Alt + Iinsert a voucher.when you went to toggle between item accounting invoice
Alt + JTo get a statutory adjustment voucher
Alt + Memail the report
Alt + Nview the report in automatic columnsmultiple columns all reports, Trial balance, cash books/bank book
Alt + Oupload the report at your website
Alt + Pall current document print the report
Alt + Rremove the line in a report.register in tally
Alt + Sto view stock query report
Alt + Uretrieve the last line which is deleted
Alt + Vfrom the invoice, screen to bring stock journal screen
Alt + wview the tally web browser
Alt + xcancel a voucher, form daybook or list vouchers
Alt + Yregister tally
Alt + Zzoom in the current page
Alt + 2To duplicate a voucher at sales ledger/ daybook/ ledgers
Ctrl + Athe report gets accepted as it is. this is a quick save option.
Ctrl + Bselect the budget
Ctrl + CSelect the cost center.select the cost category
Ctrl + Eselect the currencies
Ctrl + Gselect the group
Ctrl + Hsupport center
Ctrl + Iselect the stock item
Ctrl + Kcontrol center
Ctrl + Lselect the Ledger
Ctrl + Mswitches to the main area of the tally screen
Ctrl + Nto switch to a calculator during all data entry
Ctrl + Oselect the godowns
Ctrl + RRepeat narration in the same voucher type irrespective of ledger account
Ctrl + Sallows you to alter a stock item master
Ctrl + Tmake any voucher as the post-dated
Ctrl + Uselect the units
Ctrl + Vto toggle between invoice and voucher mode
Ctrl + Alt + Bcheck the company statutory details
Ctrl + Alt + Ccopied the text on the tally
Ctrl + Alt + Haccess add on help
Ctrl + Alt + Iimport statutory masters
Ctrl +Alt + Vpaste the text are copied in tally
Ctrl + Alt + RRewrite date for a company
Ctrl + Atl + F12open the advanced configuration
Ctrl + Enteralter a master while making an entry or viewing a report

Shortcut keys on numbers in tally ERP 9

F1select the accounts button and inventory buttons
F2change the menu period
F3select the company
F4select the contra voucher
F5select the payment voucher
F6to select receipt voucher
F7select journal voucher
F8select the sales voucher
F9select the purchase voucher
F10select the reversing journal voucher
F10select the memorandum voucher
F11select the functions and features screen
F12select the configure screen
Alt + 1insert a voucher
Alt + 2create duplicate voucher
Alt + F1View detailed report
explode a line into its details
Alt + F2change the system period
Alt + F3create/alter/shut a company
Alt + F4select the purchase order voucher type
Alt + F5select the sales order voucher
View monthly and quarterly report
Alt + F6select the rejection out voucher
change the sales order voucher type
Alt + F7select the stock journal voucher
accepts all audit lists
Alt + F8select the delivery note voucher
view the columnar report
Alt + F9select the receipts note voucher
Alt +F10select the physical stock voucher
Alt + F12filter the information based on the monetary value
Ctrl + F6rejection in
Ctrl + F8select the credit note voucher
Ctrl + F9select the debit note voucher
Ctrl + F10memorandum voucher

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