100+ Shortcuts for Visual Studio Code (Windows)

1. General Shortcuts

Ctrl+Shift+P/F1Show Command Palette
Ctrl+PQuick Open
Ctrl+Shift+NNew window/instance
Ctrl+Shift+WClose window/instance

2. Editing Shortcuts

Ctrl+XCut line (empty selection)
Ctrl+CCopy line (empty selection)
Alt+Up Arrow/Down ArrowMove line up/down
Shift+Alt+Down Arrow/Up ArrowCopy line up/down
Ctrl+Shift+KDelete line
Ctrl+EnterInsert line below
Ctrl+Shift+EnterInsert line above
Ctrl+Shift+\Jump to matching bracket
Ctrl+]/[Indent/outdent line
HomeGo to beginning of line
EndGo to End of line
Ctrl+HomeGo to beginning of file
Ctrl+EndGo to End of file
Ctrl+Up Arrow/Down ArrowScroll line up/down
Alt+PgUp/PgDnScroll page up/down
Ctrl+Shift+[Fold (collapse) region
Ctrl+Shift+]Unfold (uncollapse) region
Ctrl+K, then Ctrl+[Fold (collapse) all subregions
Ctrl+K, then Ctrl+]Unfold (uncollapse) all subregions
Ctrl+K, then Ctrl+0Fold (collapse) all regions
Ctrl+K, then Ctrl+JUnfold (uncollapse) all regions
Ctrl+K, then Ctrl+CAdd line comment
Ctrl+K, then Ctrl+URemove line comment
Ctrl+K, then Ctrl+TChange theme
Ctrl+/Toggle line comment
Shift+Alt+AToggle block comment
Alt+ZToggle word wrap

3. Navigation Shortcuts

Ctrl+TShow all Symbols
Ctrl+GGo to Line…
Ctrl+PGo to File…
Ctrl+Shift+OGo to Symbol…
Ctrl+Shift+MShow Problems panel
F8Go to next error or warning
Shift+F8Go to previous error or warning
Ctrl+Shift+TabNavigate editor group history
Alt+Left Arrow/Right ArrowGo back / forward
Ctrl+MToggle Tab moves focus

4. Search and Replace

F3/Shift+F3Find next/previous
Alt+EnterSelect all occurences of Find match
Ctrl+DAdd selection to next Find match
Ctrl+K, then Ctrl+DMove last selection to next Find match
Alt+C/R/WToggle Case-sensitive/Regex/Whole word

5. MutiCursor and Selection

Alt+ClickInsert cursor
Ctrl+Alt+Up Arrow/Down ArrowInsert cursor above / below
Ctrl+UUndo last cursor operation
Shift+Alt+IInsert cursor at end of each line selected
Ctrl+ISelect current line
Ctrl+Shift+LSelect all occurrences of current selection
Ctrl+F2Select all occurrences of current word
Shift+Alt+Right ArrowExpand selection
Shift+Alt+Left ArrowShrink selection
Shift+Alt +DragColumn (box) selection
Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Arrow KeysColumn (box) selection
Ctrl+Shift+Alt+PgUp /PgDnColumn (box) selection page up/down

6. Rich Language Editing

Ctrl+SpacebarTrigger suggestion
Ctrl+Shift+SpacebarTrigger parameter hints
TabEmmet expand abbreviation
Shift+Alt+FFormat document
Ctrl+K then Ctrl+FFormat selection
F12Go to Definition
Alt+F12Peek Definition
Ctrl+K, then F12Open Definition to the side
Ctrl+.Quick Fix
Shift+F12Show References
F2Rename Symbol
Ctrl+Shift+./,Replace with next/previous value
Ctrl+K, then Ctrl+XTrim trailing whitespace
Ctrl+K, then MChange file language

7. Editor Management

Ctrl+F4, then Ctrl+WClose editor
Ctrl+K, then FClose folder
Ctrl+\Split editor
Ctrl+1/2/3Focus into 1st, 2nd or 3rd editor group
Ctrl+K, then Ctrl+Left Arrow/Right ArrowFocus into previous/next editor group
Ctrl+Shift+PgUp/PgDnMove editor left/right
Ctrl+K, then Left Arrow/Right ArrowMove active editor group

8. File Management

Ctrl+NNew File
Ctrl+OOpen File
Ctrl+Shift+SSave As
Ctrl+K, then SSave All
Ctrl+K, then Ctrl+WClose All
Ctrl+Shift+TReopen closed editor
Ctrl+K, then EnterKeep Open
Ctrl+TabOpen next
Ctrl+Shift+TabOpen previous
Ctrl+K, then PCopy Path of active file
Ctrl+K, then RReveal active file in Explorer
Ctrl+K, then OShow active file in new window/instance

9. Display

F11Toggle full screen
Shift+Alt+1Toggle editor layout
Ctrl+=/-Zoom in/out
Ctrl+BToggle Sidebar visibility
Ctrl+Shift+EShow Explorer / Toggle focus
Ctrl+Shift+FShow Search
Ctrl+Shift+GShow Git
Ctrl+Shift+DShow Debug
Ctrl+Shift+XShow Extensions
Ctrl+Shift+HReplace in files
Ctrl+Shift+JToggle Search details
Ctrl+Shift+COpen new command prompt/terminal
Ctrl+Shift+UShow Output panel
Ctrl+Shift+VToggle Markdown preview
Ctrl+K, then VOpen Markdown preview to the side

10. Debug

F9Toggle breakpoint
F11/Shift+F11Step into/out
F10Step over
Ctrl+KthenCtrl+IShow hover

11. Integrated Terminal

Ctrl+`Show integrated terminal
Ctrl+Shift+`Create new terminal
Ctrl+Shift+CCopy selection
Ctrl+Shift+VPaste into active terminal
Ctrl+Up Arrow/Down ArrowScroll up/down
Shift+PgUp/PgDnScroll page up/down
Ctrl+Home/EndScroll to top/bottom

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