The future of YouTube is already here

The future of YouTube is already here

The YouTube multi-channel network, which offers radically new conditions for creators: 100/0 without any fees, has entered the market. “Vidgum is the world’s first YouTube partner network,” claim Vidgum company, “that connects creators exclusively on 100 to 0 terms: we pay all your income in full”. Let’s try to figure out what services the new partner network offers to its YouTubers.

Vidgum’s idea is to look at YouTubers not as entertainment, but as an entertainment business. In other words, the partner network sees itself primarily as a business partner that helps creators grow and earn more money. Vidgum implements the pay as you go strategy and offers the following conditions:

1.   Without commission. Over the past years, partner networks have consistently reduced their commissions. Most networks now work with a commission of 20%, and for large influencers, they offer exclusive contracts with a minimum percentage, for example, 5% or even 3%. However, Vidgum is the first YouTube partner network without fees.

2.   Money management. Vidgum has a fairly well-developed money withdrawal system, the company offers more than 10 ways: Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Payoneer, Wire transfer, Cryptocurrencies, and others. But also, the company offers its partners the Express Payments service, an opportunity to get money before it is paid by YouTube. Creators get the opportunity to receive money even every day to invest in the development of their channel and create better and more interesting content

3. Technical support and content protection. As you know, partner networks help solve emergencies, such as channel ban, copyright infringement, etc. Vidgum has good and prompt technical support. The Vidgum team consists of more than 100 people who speak more than 10 languages.

4. Own IT products. When connecting to the network, influencers get access to the whole IT ecosystem, which allows you to choose and use products and grow the revenue of your channel.

Vidgum is an international multi-channel network that offers a revolutionary approach to working with partner networks, working on a 100/0 basis, without commission makes the relationship between MCNs and YouTubers more transparent and honest.

You can learn more about Vidgum and connect to this partner program at the link: 

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